I’ll provide a YouTube link to two songs, pick whichever you prefer.   Write a poem, short story or anecdote involving a memory or feeling about the song.  It could be where you first heard it, a special memory involving the song, etc. 
When Breaking the Girl and Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm came out I can say with honesty, I don’t remember where I was. I could check online for their release dates and which albums they were on but I won’t. I remember a time from my Senior year in High School through my early Twenties where I spent all of my free time dissecting music, hanging out with friends and girl friends, growing up, learning life’s lessons and making mistakes. The following poem is all of the above thrown together.
The Days I’m Amused
The nostalgic haze
with each passing day
Drunken opinions
drowned in semantics
The same antics;
theology and philosophy
All part of the journey
of discovery of
The Land of Me
Meals shared
Music playing

New friendships
atop life long foundations

Questioning the stars
From the back seat of a car
While my heart’s ajar

She kissed my head
with the back of her throat

Battery acid tongue
it’s the 70’s in the late 90’s

A coming of age
As the credits are played
Make sure the bed’s made

We lie for our innocence
to avoid consequence

Playing our cards
Like a Royal Flush

Live like the immortal
Two Silvers for toll
When the end is whole

Gone in a flash
So long without a bang

And the music will play
As your memory fades

All the love that was shown
In your very own home
Means nothing as we drift off alone