In the mists of doubt

A blacksmith stokes the flame

Determination forged

The blade of Self remains





Under the midnight

A soft spoken moon

Dreaming longingly

Of love anew


An addiction, this love

Such a passionate heat

Hearts interlocked

A singular beat


Lost in loves eyes

This phantom a tease

These wants are needs

The hope that I breathe


Under the moon light

A dream come true

Now a reality

This love anew


The Longing/Goddess Danu


A tension builds

And passion yearns

You long to be unchained

To taste thy lips

A blissful kiss

Your softly whispered name

To caress thy skin

Deep within

Its fate that we’re the same


To fall and wonder


This specter that remains




Mulberry Lane


I’ve traced these lines

A thousand times

A path I’ve yet to take

A bed of grass

In morning mist

Greets me when I wake

As flowers yawn

With budding love

And stretch into the sky

Wrapped in clouds

The sun does sleep

Due North the sparrows fly

The oak tree stands

Tall and proud

The wind his closest friend

Leaves dance and float

In winters kiss

Intimate until the end





A New Day


A candle light flickers


Danced in her eyes


As the Shadow Thief


Lost lover’s lullabies


Her silhouette bathed

In midnight


As galaxies collide,



Stars sparkled glitter



The lark nestled in

Thy heart is mine


As the horizon kisses

The Moon



Two souls dance


And Cry