A friend of mine has made the quiet “resolution” to write a haiku every day this year. I find this to be a noble and inspiring effort. The below efforts are inspired by my friend’s dedication. When I shared them with him, he quickly pointed out that they are not haiku, since haiku tend to highlight nature, the below are senryu. Senryu tend to highlight the struggles of man. Both forms of poetry follow the 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable structure. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy.


Marionette Menagerie

Behold the broken,
The strength of man no more, as
We buckle under


The face of Death smiles,
A cold embrace longingly
Destroys golden spires


Empyrean rains
Cadavers of the fallen
Angels powerless


The world engulfed in
Macabre chaotic dance
The symphony plays