Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I tend to write only when I’m inspired. Writing this way prevents me from forcing an idea or story. But it also hinders my ability to complete larger stories. My goal for this year is to set aside more time to expanded on a story that I started last year, a story that I have slightly more than four-thousand words written. I was writing around four-hundred words a week. This is isn’t sufficient, sure it could be argued that at least it’s productive, but in the larger scheme of things (a book) it would take a decade to complete.

My goal will be to set aside at least three nights a week to write. Hopefully, this will be both productive and inspiring.

What are some of the ways you develop stories, ideas or characters? I would love to read about them. Or do you have any suggestions? Please let me know.

And as always, thanks for reading, get out and create and enjoy!