The above featured image is titled “The Gateway” and it was taken and created by Carl Garrard.

Fictional Tendencies is the place that I go to when I want to share poems, ideas, characters, short stories, eventually a novel and anything that I create. I think it’s important to find a hobby or passion project and feed it your energy in hopes that it can and will grow. Sure, there will be failures along the way, hopefully I’ll learn from them. Hopefully, we all learn from our failures. I also believe that we learn through others. That other people’s creations or hobbies inspire us in one way or another. I hope that whatever I write inspires someone to do something.

Carl Garrard over at Natural Abstract Symmetry has inspired me. His previous work inspired me but not in the way that this new project of his has. Please do yourself a favor and check out his blog, it’s definitely worth it. When I write I tend to write with the intention and mindset of “I have an image in my mind and I want to put that image into words.” I want to type a picture. I want to create. Carl has done something that I cannot yet bring myself to describe.

Hopefully you enjoy Carl’s work. Hopefully, you become inspired, I know I have. Thanks for the inspiration.

Let’s make this journey called life a little more tolerable by pushing each other to become our very best, both personally and in whatever avenue we so choose.

Thanks for reading. Get out there and create.