What Was and What Will Never Be (An Idiom)

To sit quietly

And reflect upon

The past,

Knowing full well,


It never lasts;

This memory is mine,

The promise was ours,

Long ago made amongst the stars.

The long conversations,

Filled with tears, filled with laughter,

Acknowledging the unspoken regarding the hereafter.


We’d be there for each other,

We’d always be friends,

The love of our bond, knowing no end.

Yet distance and time,

Like water on shale,

Would slowly win out, their patience prevailed.

It’s been years

Since a call or a friendly hello,

Time – of the essence, while the distance doth grow.

You remain unmoved

While I remained fixed,

Both engaged in our separate lives, enjoying our time as it ticks.

Now if our past is a mirror

That never reflects,

How can our promises of the future ever project?