Sovereign Fidelity

A man-made conception.

You should use contraception.

You mean to tell me
That you’ve never had a
“Come to God” moment?

Well…maybe, yes, yes I have.

I’ve come to god once or twice.
I think her name was
I  don’t even remember how we met,
or where.

The night was a blur, or was it a week.

We were both drunk and in love.
Mostly drunk.

She was wet. I was hard.
We were both sweating.
She slapped my face and then kissed me.
It was dramatic.
She bit my lower lip while digging her nails into my back.
She growled.
I laughed.

That week was a blur.

My sight was going tunnel vision.

She cried out to god, so did I.

We both came.

a man-made conception.

We should have used contraception.

She would have been such a beautiful baby…our daughter, Faith.
But like most good intentions it was aborted.

We never even went to church.

Peace be with you.