Cross Your T’s and Smell the Violets

The air is warm and humid
with Fall fast approaching.
The leaves change colors,
Temperament young lovers,
and the moon has lost her sight.

If it’s contract you want,
it’s a contract you’ll have

You’ll be legally bound ’til death.

We’ll smile  and laugh
as the bed sheets doth thrash
but doubt will grow ever stronger.

How the years will drag on,
with a stretch and a yawn,
yet, this love will grow strong
as I’ve finally got you where you want me.

We’ll watch the Season’s dance like we used to.

You’ll turn off the lights
and the moon will shine white
as I tell you this simply will not do.

As your silhouette bleeds
all your wants and your needs,
the sun will burn bright
and question,
“What good is a sunset if you can’t enjoy the view?”

You’ll protest through your smiles
yet all the while
you’ll keep me guessing
as we approach this fork in the road.

Is this really what you want?

This honor, this strife, for the remainder of life.
It’s too late even though the ink has yet to dry.

Winter is cold, but your heart is colder,
yet it comes with the occasional thaw.
I can’t help but sit back,
this silence is haunting
as I kneel down to smell the violets.