Inherent Palaver (A Conversation in Silence)

There isn’t much room here,
Is there?

Come again?

I said, there isn’t much room here, is there?

How so?

For you and me,
There isn’t much room.

Oh, I reckon there’s room.
We can make room.

At what cost?


Yes, at what cost can we make room?

Well, I imagine that we can all just squeeze in here.
Get cozy. Nice and close.
Learn about each other. Build. Grow.

Hmm…I can tell you that, that right there coziness
Will only be tolerable for about half a second.
After that, the longer you stay, more damage than good
Will be inflicted.

Oh come now, I won’t inflict much damage.

Not much huh? Any damage that can be prevented
Must be prevented.
You aren’t welcome.

I think I’ll settle down right here.

I said, you aren’t welcome. Not git.

I said, I think I’ll settle down right here.






Well…you’re going to die Mister, and I’m the one fittin’ to kill you.

So be it.