Sometimes we need a reset. We need to step away from the lives we’ve created for ourselves and just run, or ride. Feel the crisp winter air on our face. Feel the faintest of icicles form in your lungs. Lick your chapped lips, they aren’t chapped enough. Enjoy the sun, when it decides to come out of hiding from behind the clouds.


Getting outside and away from civilization, even if you aren’t too far away, should be a requirement for the living. People who enjoy nature seem to be more relaxed, more centered and overall appear to be genuinely nicer people.


Fresh air clears the head, so does exercise. I rode twenty miles today. I haven’t done that for close to a year. Sure I’m sore, but it’s the good type of sore. I took a few photographs Watched a Bald Eagle eat a meal. Watched a Crow watch it’s brother or sister get eaten by the Bald Eagle and also try to get a bite as well. I watched the waters rise and paused to reflect.


And when all was said in a done I was humbled by a gust of wind.

Thanks for reading.