As 2018 comes to a close I can honestly state that I’m proud of what I accomplished for myself; both personally and with writing. I set out to write more, which I did. I focused a little more on taking notes for a story that I hope to turn into a novel (I’m still undecided about the title which is why I haven’t shared that yet. Once I have a title, it will be a lot easier to talk about.) I directed a majority of my energies towards my family. I started to save some of that energy for myself (you’re important too). I got back out on my mountain bikes. And I focused (no pun intended) a little more energy towards photography. I believe creating is very important for the soul.


On a recent outing on my mountain bike around the lake I took some extra time for myself to sit and relax and soak up my surroundings. This ride will be will be something that I keep for myself and to myself for a long time, if not forever. (That’s okay too. You don’t have to share everything.)

While having a discussion, that covered a varying array of topics, with a dear friend I had mentioned that his blog post was genuine and inspiring. If you feel so inclined you can read it here at Photographic Central. It’s an open and honest experience on a part of his life. So, while I’ve stated that I will keep my most recent ride as a ride for myself and to myself I did want to share some images that I captured while out around the lake.

I tried something different. I’m sure on a technical level I failed in many aspects of photography. But that isn’t important because on a personal level I feel I succeeded in my attempt to capture images as I hoped to, so in that regard, maybe I didn’t fail technically. Either way, I tried something new, and that should count for something.


Throughout this article are the images that I captured and wanted to share. Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to experiencing what 2019 has to offer.