Here we are half way through the month of January already and time seems to be flying faster than it used to. So far I’m staying motivated and I still feel accomplished…so far. I ended last year reading Little, Big by John Crowley and started this year by finishing it. If you’re interested you can read my thoughts on it here at, Little, Big: Thoughts & The Journey.

I followed up Little, Big with The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov and followed this story up with Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. This story, Blood Meridian, is something else entirely. It will have to be the second book that I will willingly return to, to re-read. I was able to finish the book while traveling with my family last week; airplane rides and waiting at in airports is the perfect time to read. I’m already jumping into my fourth book of the year with another book by John Crowley titled Engine Summer. I can already tell that I’m in for a treat.

My reading goals are moving along quite nicely but what about my writing? Well, before I went on the above mentioned trip I was able to write a “flash fiction” story titled The Hunter and The Firefly. I sent this story to two of my close friends and asked for their thoughts and suggestions on it. Also, I asked them to look for any grammatical errors. But I let doubt creep in and before I left on vacation, I headed over to Scout Media and paid for their editing services. As of today’s date, I’m still awaiting their response with their suggestions and edits. Of course more doubt creeps in. I ask myself am I good enough? What will they think? I hope I’m not too horrible. But, this is all a part of the learning process. I feel confident enough in the story I wrote with the requirements given. I hope to submit it for a “Collections of…” book in the near future.

So, here I am, moving right along in my goals and I came across this little “nugget” regarding stories from Engine Summer:

“Begin at the beginning; go on till you reach the end. Then stop.”

I’m not sure why, but this strikes a chord with me. Something about it rings true. Maybe I’m looking into it too much. Maybe I’m making it more than it is. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the motivation I need. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to figuring it out.

Thanks for reading.

Your journey starts with a step, where are you headed?