Fictional Tendencies



Taken aback
My breath, catch

These images, mere memories,
yet, they might as well be here and now

Furrowed brow

It isn’t so much so
The way the light coalesces

But how the departed
Are still living

And this special moment
Will be cherished

Even upon my leaving.


A Jigger, or Two

There are rules,
Guidelines, morals and values;
Each one
Must be adhered to.

Any deviation from said law
Is subject to punishment.

Any compromise of your values
Is a compromise of One’s self.

One’s truest form.

One’s Soul.

Now, what is Soul?

You must excuse me while I contemplate
This very question while I submerge myself
In the highest quality of Spirits.


Evening Vagueness

The moon isn’t as it should be,
while the conversation
is as expected…


Our inhibitions palliate
with intercourse,
If our consumption only knew its limits.

To be in such great coterie
to be in such great spirits.

You shudder at its weight
and warmth
as though truth was in Prohibition.

It isn’t this life that consumes you,
it is the cause of your condition.

And so we’ll compliment and commemorate
our heart-felt suppositions.




You’re naked
And I’m staring.

Not because you’re naked,
But because you have the strength
To be so open and vulnerable.


Inherent Palaver (A Conversation in Silence)

Inherent Palaver (A Conversation in Silence)

There isn’t much room here,
Is there?

Come again?

I said, there isn’t much room here, is there?

How so?

For you and me,
There isn’t much room.

Oh, I reckon there’s room.
We can make room.

At what cost?


Yes, at what cost can we make room?

Well, I imagine that we can all just squeeze in here.
Get cozy. Nice and close.
Learn about each other. Build. Grow.

Hmm…I can tell you that, that right there coziness
Will only be tolerable for about half a second.
After that, the longer you stay, more damage than good
Will be inflicted.

Oh come now, I won’t inflict much damage.

Not much huh? Any damage that can be prevented
Must be prevented.
You aren’t welcome.

I think I’ll settle down right here.

I said, you aren’t welcome. Not git.

I said, I think I’ll settle down right here.






Well…you’re going to die Mister, and I’m the one fittin’ to kill you.

So be it.


T.S. Elliot

Broadening my horizons recently I decided to pick up The Waste Land and Other Poems by T.S. Elliot. In all honesty, I enjoyed it, at least what I understood. The parts I didn’t understand I’m sure I’ll return to eventually with a better understanding and appreciation for the literature. At least that’s my hope.

I’m not here to discuss Elliot’s prose or literary prowess. I have no authority or education in that matter. I want to share a quote from the introduction  by Frank Kermode that stood out to me, it reads as follows:

“And as Wordsworth, citing Coleridge, remarked, “every great and original writer, in proportion as he is great and original, must himself create the taste by which he is to be relished…”

I’ve  been thinking on the topic of this sentence for a few weeks now, so I thought I would share. Hopefully this quote will inspire or motivate.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


A Dream: Spun

The sky is cloudy,
So is the air around us

We are in a single strand of sunlight
Sitting in the grass
Having a picnic

You want to wrestle
We laugh and tumble
I call for a “time out”

I rolled over something sharp
It pinched my leg

I reach under my leg and feel legs crawling

Something’s in the grass:
Red hour-glass
Front legs raised

You scream
I panic while trying to remain calm

The obsidian triangular legged creature crawls on and around my hand
It motions to be put down

I set it down
Noticing several more creatures
Breaking through the grass
Red hour-glass

Their army emerges
Front legs raised
Their thorax’s now arched, pointing towards the sky
Webs spinning
Dandelion wishes
Baby Obsidians taking flight

The sky is cloudy
So is the air around us.

Elevation: A Review

On October 30, 2018 the newest book by author Stephen King, Elevation, became available for purchase in Hardback, Digital and Audio formats. I would think that it’s safe to say, that every avid reader has read at least one of Stephen King’s books. Hopefully, it was a good one that left you wanting more from the illustrious author. For me, King has been a hit and miss type author with his stories, but, that doesn’t prevent me from purchasing his next story.

Elevation takes place in the beautiful town of Castle Rock and tells part of the life story of a Mr. Scott Carey. Scott has an ailment of sorts that will eventually lead to a rather unsuspecting finale. At least that’s how I saw it.

Life isn’t always what we hope or expect of it. And our plans certainly, or rarely, turn out the way we picture them in our head but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate the things that matter most.

Through personal acceptance and the support of friends, both old and new, Scott Carey “elevates” his life to another plane of existence. Elevation was short and sweet, like our time here on Earth.

Elevate yourself today. Elevation by Stephen King


Chinook Offal

A white trash bag
Across black asphalt

As the windswept leaves
Rustle their applause.

You say that you only believe what you see,
Yet you believe in God.

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