On January 4, 2o17 I introduced my blog Fictional Tendencies and shared some inspiration behind the creation of it. With today’s post I would like to focus on setting goals for 2017. Most of my goals will be short to mid-term goals that are possible to accomplish within the year.  Maybe later in the year, depending on my progress, I’ll amend my goals to include long-term goals.

  1. Have fun 
  2. Post poems, stories, ideas that I’ve previously written
  3. Write and post new stories, poems, ideas
  4. Write four, one-thousand words or more short stories
  5. Create characters and develop their histories
  6. Learn more, work on punctuation
  7. Offer insight/thought process behind some posts
  8. Take some classes

Here’s to hoping 2017 will be a productive year. See you soon.