Today I start working toward my goal of sharing new poems with what I hope to be a bi-weekly post, Two For Tuesdays. For today’s writing prompt I gave myself the topic of ‘fear’. In the two poems you’ll find two completely different poems that tackle ‘fear’ as a topic. I hope you enjoy.


You brought forth this life
Such a strong
Vibrant woman

Unconditional love
Given every moment

Time passed on
With memories shared
And stories created

The heart of a Mother
Can never be faded

Times passes still
Both wiser
And older

Darkness creeps in
Your memory grows colder

The day of your judgment
Not a glint in your eye
Or a spark in your smile

We say “Goodbye!”
You don’t recognize your child.

I’ll miss you.

And now for the second in Two For Tuesdays.

Osiris’s Benevolence

From sweet kiss
To cold caress

This life a gift
It’s presence is death

Into the unknown
This darkness is bleak

Two lovers wander
Their hearts skipped beats

Ashes to ashes
’til death do us part

I’ll love you forever
You’ve broken my heart

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