Good morning! With the weather being cold and comfy and the rain falling outside I thought it would be appropriate to share three pieces of writing this morning. Winter Wonderland was written in two parts; the first being the main focus while the second part came to me a few days later. I think they stand together best but I believe they can stand alone as well. Winter Solstice is a continuation of the theme/setting in Winter Wonderland. And I’ll end with Drowning. Initially I didn’t have a title for this poem, I sent it to some friends and asked for help. Drowning seemed appropriate and I liked it so I used it.  I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


Winter Wonderland

In the quiet
Of the night
Loves true sight
The winds of winter
Chilled within
Time is frozen
In this sin
We fell into
An endless sea
Of me in you, you in me

And snowflakes dance
Within the zephyrs song
Their icy kiss
As the touch of soulful mates
A passionate storm
Burning bright a fire born
With the rhythm
Their hearts beat for beat
The snowflakes kiss lands on cheek

Winter Solstice

A winter morning
Cool and crisp
Darkness a welcome comfort

A yawn, a stretch
Through rustling sheets
I watch my breath float away

Silence hangs
Like mistletoe
As I watch the future sleep

The morning stirs
As dawn awakes
With smiling eyes

Her light seeps in
I’m whole
As I watch the sun rise


I trace the lines
Across your face
As memories start to billow

The truth exposed
Like the weeping willow

Hearts beat
A couple that are single

Dive in deep
And hold our breath
‘Til our bodies tingle