During my initial Two For Tuesdays post I stated that this entry would be a bi-weekly post, well, surprise I feel like writing today so here it goes. Today’s two poems will be about the same topic and I won’t offer an in-depth explanation other than; no matter what we face in life  we’re never alone, with love there’s hope and with hope anything is possible. I really like today’s entries for various reasons and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks for reading.


Robert’s Frost

I ran my fingers
Through the night
Its darkness a home
Most are unaccustomed

In its silence
I’ve sobbed longingly
Looking for answers
I already know

With morning near
I must expire
To drift into

Blissful dreams
Escape me
I awake to the nightmare
I’m loved unconditionally


Irradiated Dream

This isn’t the first time,
Nor will it be the last
I’ll sleep the endless sleep
After I fast

They say I’ll be fixed
They’ll say I’ll feel brand new
But when I awake
I’ll still tend to these wounds

I’ll be a little brighter
Through experience and pain
And when judgment comes
He’ll greet me by my name