Life has a funny way of introducing you to things, places or even people for that matter. A few weeks into a fun and friendly Writing Prompt routine with a few friends a whirlwind of a week hits; our big goofy old man dog dies, I get news that an Aunt passes away and a close friend receives news that he’s officially in remission. Sometimes you don’t have a way to process it all so you scroll aimlessly through Facebook in hopes of nothing, maybe everything, something to help dull the numbing pain you’re currently feeling. And in that scrolling you find a cousin that you just met again for the first time in over twenty years and you discover that he writes too. Neat. Weird. And he has two Collections published. Pretty awesome. Anyway, if you’re looking for an engrossing short read check out Skip Trace by Vince Guzman, it’s worth a read or two, and definitely worth more than $0.99. Next, I’ll visit Vince’s second collection For I have Sinned.

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for reading.