Today at lunch I sat in my truck and decided to play around with a Canon G10 camera that my friend Carl gave me. I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired so I forced myself to take a few pictures, well, I didn’t like the images I captured so I deleted them and decided to do what any grown man would do in my situation…push buttons.

The images I captured  are the result of pushing buttons and slowly exhaling while I pushed the capture button (similar to how a Sniper pulls the trigger on his rifle). Being that I was finished with taking pictures I sat and thought about telling a story with the pictures. Maybe that was my main focus anyway, at least subconsciously. As I clicked back and forth through the few images I captured a phrase popped into my head “As I sit and watch/The rain drip life away”

What I find typical of my creative endeavors is that they tend to start with an image or phrase and I build from there. The below poem is the end result of the above mentioned actions and thoughts. Thank you for reading. Enjoy! And get out and create.


As I sit and watch

The rain drip life away;

Tomorrow it’ll be forgotten,


Another day.


This perspective, as it seems,

Appears to be a spectacle,

A garden of

“Love me, loves me not” dreams.


A reflection to a question

Left unanswered,

Left unmentioned.

To be in this blossoming moment

Living, drinking